Safety Standards

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Safety: In Everything We Do

That’s why a certified industrial hygienist directs our safety department, and why we require extensive ongoing safety training for all levels of staff. Every employee at High Tec shares the responsibility for a safe and healthy work environment.

Supervisors hold daily on-site safety meetings of all work crews, and we regard these meetings as a critical component to the success of every job.

High Tec also presents regular safety meetings for all employees. Plus, a Safety Committee comprising of operators, supervisors and management recommends further safety improvements.

High Tec fully complies with all appropriate government regulations, and our safety manual contains an extensive set of safety guidelines that are mandatory practice for all work sites. We live it day in and day out.

Before starting any job, we expect to know everything about the site environment, working conditions, required equipment, nearest facility reference sources and points of help.

Whether we are climbing towers, descending into pits or crawling into confined spaces, we are always prepared.

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